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Fan Law Claculation

Here we provide online calculation for fan law and fan affinity laws by using this calculation you can calculate dependency of one perameter to the other related peramater of fan, these calculation can help in planing or in modification of fan or fan equipment.

Fan Law Calculation

Fan Air Flow Calculation

This is online tool to calculate fan air flow based of fan diameter, hub diameter, and average air velocity, this tool can be used to evaluate your existing fan performance and can also be used to compare two different fans

Air Flow Calculation

Online unit Conversion Related to fan peramater

here we provide online unit converter for all the perameter related to fan or used in any calculation related to fan

Fan Unit Convertor

Fan Shaft Power Calculation

This online fan calculation tool can be used to find out motor capacity of fan based on availability of fan operating parameter that is fan airflow, fan total pressure and efficiency of fan based on that we will find fan shaft power or power required by fan.

Saft Power Calculation

Calculating Radious Of Observation For CTI Air Flow Measurment Method

One of the most important fan calculation tool to calculate reading point/observation point as per CTI equal area method to take reading which is used to collect air velocity data of fans

CTI Calculation

Venturi Recovery Calculation

Here we provide venturi recovery or energy recovered by venturi/diffuser cone.

Recovery Calculation

Fan Max Output Calculation

This online fans calculation tool will provide information about what maximum output a fan can develiver with respective to connect motor capacity.

Max Output Colculation

Fan Power Saving Calculation

With this online calculation tool one can calculate power saving by replacing existing fan with high efficient maya aerofoil fan.

Power Saving Calculation

Payback Period Calculation

In this online calculation, along with power saving and money saving, we also calculate period to get your return on investment and when your invested cost will recover, and your fan will start earning for you.

Payback Period Calculation

Velocity pressure calculation of a fan or any system

In this online calculation, you can calculate velocity pressure at fan by haveing few very basic dimention perameter of fan, here you can also calculate velocity pressure at any cross section.

Velocity pressure calculation