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Energy efficient exhaust fans

The MAYA energy efficient exhaust fan has set the standard for high efficiency and low maintenance since its introduction. Our indigenous fan engineering know-how is utilized so that our fan you select today provides the broadest range of configurations and the highest capacities available in a exhaust fan.

For decades, MayaFan has been a leading producer of fans for fulfillment of varying requirement of this industry. Maya exhaust fan takes advantage of this experience by bringing it down to energy consumption. And also provide a special low noise fan series which bring down noise as low as 5 to 10 dba less compare to conventional exhaust fans.

For performance that exceeds specifications on a tight budget, the Maya Fiberglass exhaust fan incorporates field-proven, industrial-quality fans. You get the unsurpassed integrity, performance, and reliability you'd expect… at a price that may surprise you.

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Creative Ideas

AT Maya Fans we always remain creative to deal with the challenges in the field of tailor made exhaust fans, so far we have developed fan for up to 1200 mm cord width

Excellent Features

We are pioneer to introduce composite material in the field of exhaust fan, by this we are able to produce blade with airfoil which is similar to that of air plain wings.

Fully Responsive

AT Maya Fan We never force fit our standard existing fan, but remain responsive to in put design data and develop new product as and when it required


Unlike other conventional exhaust fans manufacturer who restrict themselves to a very few standard fan model, We at mayafanfrp do not compromise on any front and for any new requirement we do not Force customer to compromise with standard available product, instead we always remain open for new development.

  • Data Collection

    To design perfect exhaust system it is must to have good data collection of the system, basically we need data like volume of the place, heat generation, possible path of air, air inlet possibility etc.

  • Data Analysis

    In this we need to decide the numbers of air changes as per total heat generation, inlet and exhaust path decision.

  • Planing of exhaust fan

    After getting all system input and having knowledge about required air quality, we need to decide size and quantity of the fan this is mainly depend on the structure strength and mounting position availability.

  • Production

    Once final fan design concluded, it is handed over to the production team for with proper information to execute the project

exhaust Fans Key Feature

  • Low Operating Costs/Low Energy Consumption
  • Quiet by Design
  • Long Life Construction
  • Performance for All Seasons
  • Below are detail of exhaust Fan Key Feature

Low Operating Costs

Maya High efficient airfoil design blade, optimization of twist cord and cross section provide maximum efficiency.

We have also eliminate one of major cause for power wastage in fan which is very often phenomenon i.e. wrong selection of fan for the duty point or choosing over size fan for a duty point. Due to this reason more than 50% fan in the industry operate on lower efficiency thus unnecessary wastage of power observed. We eliminate this by offering final selection of fan throe our designer. Who chose optimum solution for the given duty point of exhaust fan.

Quiet by Design

By application of our advance aerodynamic hub we have produce very smooth and linear air flow thus compare to any conventional exhaust fan Maya exhaust fan are relatively silent when compared for same duty point under same operating conduction.
Whereas for special requirement of extra silent fan we have developed a full series of low noise exhaust fans which can reduce sound pressure level as low as 10 dba compare to conventional fans.

Long Life Construction

Maya Fiberglass exhaust fans is manufactured and assembled from corrosion-resistant materials i.e. Fiberglass and hot-dip galvanized construction which meets the corrosion resistance and equipment life requirements of your most demanding heavy industrial applications while still delivering an outstanding value. Also available with Series 300 stainless steel is an optional upgrade to the fans metallic component and includes a 5-year limited warranty. Maya exhausts Fans are manufactured in ISO-2015 certified facilities, attesting to our commitment to comprehensive quality processes and systems.
Note – For special duties fans and working conduction we do also manufacturer exhaust fan from high grade special material which include higher grade of Epoxy and various grade of Stainless steel.

Performance for All Seasons

Fan is a constant flow machine and therefore for varying need of flow capacity for equipment to keep maintaining its perform despite critical variation in weather Maya exhaust fans are design for very broad range of operation our fans are having good amount of reserve margin for both airflow and resistance/pressure therefore these fans are capable of maintaining exhaust performance throughout the year in all type of seasons.

Low Maintenance/Less Downtime

Maya FRP exhaust fan are made of high quality material and robust in design and also we have made several change in design to minimize vibration due to recirculation of air for this we have also developed an advance aerodynamic hub/spinner which totally close circuit of recirculation this is our registered drawing and non can provide this advance aerodynamic spinner.
Also unlike painted fan we do provide permanent coating of gel coat which remain integral part of fan blade body and do not get separated due to erosion.
All above advantage made Maya exhaust fan almost free from maintenance thus do not required any additional down time and can be maintained along with other fan system component and need no down time other then system component thus we call it zero maintenance exhaust fans.

Maya exhaust fan construction

Here are the list of maya fan main component with there brief detailing

B lade – Maya exhaust fan blade is made of airfoil similar to that of air plane wing we do choose most advanced airfoil possible for the fan to provide maximum efficiency by this only we have achieved superior performance over any other conventional fan available in the exhaust fan market, our blade is very robust in construction and designed for 7-8 times of operating load we also provide superior wear resistance material to maintain surface stability for long period of time which prevent efficiency deterioration.

H Hub/Boss –used in exhaust fans are of heavy in construction in this we are using heavy thickness mild steel plate, cast iron or Aluminum clamp and stainless steel hardware to provide long life we are coating all mild steel part with heavy thickness of zinc.
Note - Optionally we also provide customize hub/Boss on special demand of customer, like single plate hub with "U" Clamp, Spider Type Fabricated Sub etc.

TLTaper Locking – in most of our exhaust fan hub we preferred to have taper locking arrangement and this is provided with several type of different locking arrangement which is of proven in field these taper locking are mostly made of Cast iron or of stainless steel.

exhaust fan Supporting Tools

In this section we have listed all possible means to create better understanding about exhaust fan, here we are providing our exhaust fans special feature to visualize difference in fans as well as to create awareness of various parameter involve in exhaust fan, also we here providing general tools like various calculation and measurement procedure...

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