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  • 2018May

    India's Largest Cooling Tower Fan and Stack Production

    Under This project we are going to supply India's largest diameter cooling tower application fan and fan stack, it will be of 52 feet diameter fan with stack of 12 feet height

    This fan will be supplied to one of India's largest state owned refinery "Indian Oil"

  • 2017 March

    Retro fitment of 3.5 meter main mine ventilation fan.

    In this we have replaced existing frp mine ventilation fans for capacity improvement, this is the largest diameter fan we have supplied for mining application in India following are the highlight of this project

    • 3.5 meter diameter fans.
    • Fan is made of latest composite material.
    • This fan blades are made of latest aero foil.
    • Low speed operation help to maintain the noise level in a allowable limit without silencer.
    • Fan is controlled with Variable frequency drive.
    • Connected motor rating is 450 kW
    • Capacity of fan is doubled in minimum time and optimum investment
    • Along with fan new inlet and exit fairing is installed to maintain smooth flow in the system
  • 2016 January

    Development of new high pressure low speed cooling tower fans

    In recent time with the introduction of pultrution tower as well as increased static pressure in a cooling tower fans made old low pressure fan use less, even number of such project are suffering due to wrong supply of fan for the duty point, so short this gap in the market maya fan develop this new cooling tower fan which is capable of handling up to 250 Pa pressure this is also a perfect solution for low speed operation even as allow as 8000 tip speed this fan is having capacity to handle 100 Pa pressure

  • 2015 July

    Start of Nabinagar project

    This is so far our largest single order supply under this we have supplied 99 Nos 34 feet main fan, and 4 auxiliary fan.

    First milestone - Plant visit and approval


    Wind tunnel testing and production clearance.


    Production on full swing.


    Completion of project and order for CT gate


  • 2013-14 September

    Development of entire new series of 2nd generation CT and ACC fans

    We have identified need of new cooling tower and acc fan series under this we have developed a parallel product to our existing fan series but this time we utilized new generation profile and also make development in manufacturing process under this we reduce blade load deflation at less then 50% compare to our previous fan.

  • 2011-12 June

    Become major share holder in MMV fans

    Till this time we were mainly doing replacement job for energy saving point of view, but to the great success in the field we highlight our full focus on this segment and with our technical strength we won almost every tender in this segment and become largest player in Indian mining industries.

    In this duration we extend our our reach to almost every major mining company such as -

    • SECL Bilashpur.
    • Manganese Ore India Ltd.
    • Western coal field Ltd.
    • Bharat Cooking Coal Ltd.
    • Eastern Coal Field Ltd.
    • Bharat Cooking Coal Ltd.
    • Mahanadi coal field Ltd. and many more